• How do I get started?
  • What is a Meet & Greet?
    A Meet & Greet is an appointment for us to meet your dog, greet your dog and have your dog meet and greet other dogs to ensure everyone plays nicely. We evaluate the dog’s temperament so we can group like dogs together. We are a Flea Free Zone so we screen for fleas during the Meet & Greet as well as screen for overall health of the dog. We review the information provided on the Member information form and ensure all vaccine requirements are met. The appointment is about 30 minutes. Click here to set up a Meet & Greet
  • Is Doozydog! Club a Membership Club for dogs?
    Yes! We encourage dogs of all shapes and sizes to join our irresistible Club. Any dog who comes, plays and stays at Doozydog! Club is considered a Member, whether it’s one day or every day.
  • Are there monthly dues for the Club?
    • There are no monthly dues at Doozydog! Club. There are several options available for your precious Doozydog!
    • Dog daycare can be purchased for as little as a half day play pass on up to 20 day play pass.
    • Boarding is charged by the night.
    • Style Bar services are charged by the grooming service.
  • Are there vaccination requirements to protect my dog?

    Yes! Our promise is to keep dogs safe and sound; for this reason each dog must have:

    • Rabies Certificate.
    • Vaccine Certificate for DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus).
    • Bordetella Certificate.
    • Canine Influenza vaccination is recommended.
    • Leptospirosis vaccination is recommended.
    • Spay/Neuter Certificate for all dogs six months and older.

    Dogs requiring vaccination updates must have them administered prior to date of service or check-in.

    Puppies must be at least 16 weeks of age and have full vaccine series administered at least one month prior to the first day of their stay, including rabies vaccine.

  • What are your hours?
    • 7a – 9p Daily
  • Do you have convenient times when can I drop off or pick up my dog?
    Yes! Dogs can be checked in and out anytime between 7a and 9p daily.
  • What happens if I can not pick up my dog by 9p?
    Your dog will be delighted to enjoy a night’s stay at the standard boarding rate.
  • Are the dogs supervised at all times?
    Yes! Dogs are supervised 24/7 and are never left alone. Our overnight Watchdog! ensures that dogs are safe and sound.
  • What happens if a dog has fleas?
    Dogs must be flea free to experience all the fun at Doozydog! Club – we are a Flea Free Zone. Dogs found with fleas or ticks will be bathed at owner’s expense and be much happier.
  • How do you ensure a safe play environment?
    • Our Handlers are trained and experienced in off-leash play. By leading with a confident, assertive approach, they become the Alpha Dog and effectively supervise and control the dogs.
    • We supervise the dogs seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Doozydogs! are never left alone – we promise to keep them safe and sound.
    • Every dog is screened to ensure they play nicely.
    • Dogs with the same size and temperament play together.
    • Doozydog! is proud to provide a safe Team Member to dog ratio and limit the dogs in each Play Park to allow for a safe environment and special attention for each dog.
    • Dogs play with their teeth and paws. Even under professional supervision, nicks, scrapes and occasional puncture wounds do happen. In the event of an injury, we will notify you immediately, or if minor, we will advise you at check-out.
    • Our Team is First Aid & CPR Trained.
    • We use time-outs to calm dogs who are too excited. This separates them from the pack and allows time for them to settle down.
  • What do dogs do in the Play Park?
    • 7a: The fun begins – Wrestle, Train, Run, Wag, Chase, Poop, Jump, Yip, Pant, Tug, Tag, Sundeck, Jog, Sniff, Yap, Fetch, Pee, Sit, Stay, Treat and Repeat. And some like to take it easy and lounge!
    • 12p Nap: Snooze to chill music
    • 2p: More fun and games – let’s do it again until the humans come for pick up – don’t forget the Style Bar on the way out!
    • 9p: Play Park closes
  • Do I need to make reservations for daycare?
    Reservations are encouraged, but not required for daycare.
  • Do I need to make reservations for boarding?
    Yes, it is highly recommended to make reservations in advance.
  • I have more than one dog; do you offer a preferred rate?
    Yes! Family dogs receive 10% off per dog for daycare and boarding services.
  • Do you offer boarding packages?
    Yes! We offer 10, 20, and 30 night boarding packages at a preferred rate.
  • What are holiday/peak period rates?
    Boarding holiday/peak period rates are an additional $10 per night.
  • What is your check in/out time for boarding?
    • Check-in conveniently anytime between 7a and 9p.
    • Check-out conveniently anytime between 7a and 9p. Late check-out applies after 1p.
  • Will you give my dog his/her medicine?
    Yes! Doozydog! Club will be happy to administer oral and topical medications free of charge. Please clearly label medications with instructions, including medication name, dog name, dosage and administration schedule.
  • Should I bring my own dog grub?
    • Yes! We encourage you to provide your own dog grub as most dogs are sensitive to a sudden change in diet. Please prepare the grub in a separate baggie and labeled by meal, with your dog’s first and last name on it.
    • Doozydog! Club also provides our high quality dog food.
  • Can I bring my dog’s bed for boarding?
    For boarding in the Play Park, please keep personal belongings at home. If you reserve a Suite, Big Den, or Den for boarding, you may bring any personal belongings and it's helpful to include an unwashed T-shirt, a familiar toy to help reduce separation anxiety, and a family photo.
  • Where does my dog sleep at night?
    • Dogs can sleep in their Big Den or Suite and have their own private space overnight to chill and reenergize. The Den or Suite can be decorated with the dog’s bed, toy, and family photo.
    • The dogs can also stay in the Play Park, slumber party style. Dogs are separated by size and temperament and enjoy veterinarian recommend Kuranda beds.
  • Can my dog enjoy daycare before a grooming appointment?
    Yes, it’s easy! Click here to set up a Meet & Greet prior to your first grooming appointment.
  • What is included in a Bath and Brush at the Style Bar?
    A Doozydog! Bath & Brush includes:
    • HydroSurge Massage Bath & Moisturizing Rinse
    • Heat-Free Blow Out & Brush
    • Nail Trim & Grind
    • Gentle Ear Cleaning & De-0dorizing
    • Ear Hair Removal (breed specific)
    • Gland Express
    • Doozydog! Club Bandana
    • Complimentary Treat
  • Can I bring a friend to see Doozydog! Club?
    Yes! Doozydog! Club is open for tours during all operating hours – we are transparent – we have nothing to hide and take pride in presenting a safe, friendly and sparkling clean environment at all times.
  • What happens if my dog needs medical care while attending Doozydog! Club?
    Our Veterinarian Partners are on-call 24/7. In the event of an injury, emergency or when Doozydog! Club feels medical care is important to the dog; the owner authorizes us, in advance, to obtain medical attention for the dog. The owner takes responsibility for all associated expenses for their precious pup.
  • Do dogs like music?
    We believe so! Studies suggest that calming music has a beneficial effect on dogs. To create more wiggle in the wag, Doozydog! Club plays chill music 24/7 to help dogs relax, bark less and have a happy state of being.
  • Do you serve healthy water?
    Yes! At Doozydog! Club, we serve fresh healthy, filtered water. We filter the drinking water to remove chemicals and sediments. Your precious Doozydog! gets as much fresh water as needed through their Doozydog! stay.
  • How do you keep Doozydog! Club so sparkling clean?
    • Everyone cleans at Doozydog! Club and we clean 24/7 to give every dog a safe, healthy and happy experience.
    • Our state-of-the-art seamless flooring, drains and wall-to-wall coving, all contribute to achieving sparkling clean and allow for a thorough cleaning and removal of dirt, grime and moisture that would otherwise cause bacteria.
    • Our numerous PooPee Patches have direct drains and provide an intended area for dogs to ready-aim-fire! With their business in one contained area, clean up and sanitizing is a whiz.
    • Our high frequency air ventilation system replaces air every 5 minutes to protect against diseases and to keep the air fresh and sniffing good.
    • Best of all, we use green products which are good for the dog, the human, and the earth!
  • Do you offer dog training?
    Yes! Every dog needs to know the basics – Sit, Wait, Come and Leave it. Our Handlers work on basic training complimentary every day with the Doozydogs! using a confident, assertive and positive approach.
  • Can I hang out at Doozydog! Club while my dog visits the Play Park?
    Yes! Humans can hang in the H Lounge during our hours of operation. Chill while the dog plays and enjoy WiFi, music, entertainment and the Doozydog! Shop.
  • Do you offer a webcam so I can see my dog from afar?
    Yes! We offer the Doozydog! Webcam to watch the dogs play, stay, eat and repeat via live webcam either on the computer or mobile phone. It is private for Doozydogs! only; after you get started, you will receive the secret code.
  • I like your Charity Partners; how do I donate?
    You can donate directly to our Charity Partners via their link under The Pack – Charity Partners.
  • Can I watch my dog get styled in the Style Bar?
    Yes! Humans can pull up a stool and watch all the action in the Style Bar.


MTFL - Make Them Feel Loved!
Keep them safe and sound.
Provide a sparkling clean Club.
Surround them with good humans.
More wiggle in the wag!

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