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Dog Week: Exploring doggie daycare in Seattle

September 21, 2016

SEATTLE - Playtime for your pooch doesn't just have to be limited to before and after work, you can drop your fur baby off at a doggie daycare and let them play all day.

Doggie daycare is a big financial decision, anywhere between $500 and $800 dollars a month, that's a lot of bones, but it does take the worry off your doggie dish when it comes to man's best friend.

So how do you choose the right one and make sure you are getting the most for your money?

Here are some basic tips. Cleanliness is most important, inspect each facility to make sure their housekeeping is up to your standards. Playtime is a must but it is also as important as rest time.

Make sure there is adequate supervision and staff, general rule; no more than 15 dogs to one person. Finally, interview staff to find out how they deal with conflict between dogs and most importantly how to avoid it.

Choose what's right for your pet, is he better suited with a dog walker or doggie daycare? What's the difference? Pretty much paws on the pavement.

Megan Long from Citydog! Club says doggie daycare is more of a social environment.

"Although they don't always get the most physical exercise like they would during a walk (in daycare) they are getting mental stimulation in a completely different way and it's really good socialization especially for puppies," says Long.


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