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Grooming Your Dog for Summer with Citydog! Club

April 27, 2016
Addison Magazine
By Sydni Walker

We love getting facials, haircuts and pedicures before summer activities, but sometimes we forget that our dogs need pampering as well. Take Fluffy in to Citydog! Club in Addison for a luxurious grooming experience that they will love. And when dogs are happy, their owners are happy, too.

There are many grooming options for dogs at Citydog! Club. The Bath and Brush choice includes a HydroSurge Bath and Moisturizing Rinse. “The HydroSurge Bath is a big, yellow hose that sprays air, water and a product of your choice,” explained Alicia Strange, General Manager at Citydog! Club in Addison. “The Oatmeal Shampoo is a very popular choice in the summer, as it is moisturizing for your dog’s hair and is great for dry or itchy skin. You could also choose a nice conditioner, or another product. Everything is sprayed against the grain of your dogs hair to make it fluff out nicely.”

After the washing, your dog will receive a Heat-Free Hand Blow Out and Brush. Instead of putting your dog in a kennel with air blowing on him, the same person who washed your dog will dry him by hand, heat-free.

Every Bath and Brush option also includes the Nail Trim and Grind to help prevent scratching. They also offer Gentle Ear Cleaning and De-odorizing, Gland Express and Breed Specific Ear Hair Removal. Finally, each dog gets a puppy spritz of a vanilla almond scent spray, a Citydog! Club bandana and a complimentary organic treat.

If you want a little extra fun, choose the Trim and Style option. This comes with everything that the Bath and Brush option does, with the added services of shaving, trimming and specialty or creative haircut for breed-specific dogs.

“We offer many fun add-ons for dog,” adds Strange. “The Best in Show option includes the Blueberry Facial and the Moisturizing Paw Balm, for example. The Blueberry Facial is definitely a summertime splurge—and your dog walks around smelling like a blueberry muffin afterward. Many people choose to do this facial to unblock the tearstains that form under a dog’s eyes. And the moisturizing Paw Balm is really neat too. If you have a boxer, they typically have a dryer nose the older they get. And if dogs walk on the sidewalk a lot, their paws get raw and rubbed down. This is like buttercream for dogs that moisturizes their nose, or the bottom of their pads to make them feel smoother.”

If your dog has a lot of dead hair buildup, Strange recommends doing the Firmenator option, which is a shampoo and conditioner that loosens up the hair that needs to be loose for the summer and then brushes it out. And medicated flea baths are a great way to get rid of unwanted fleas that your dog may have. Or, if you just want a little shine or cleaner look for the night, come in and just get a brush-out.

“We also do creative cuts!” said Strange. “Some dogs get different colors in their hair, or they get their ears dyed purple and their tails dyed blue. We have a couple of dogs that come in and always get colored Mohawks.”

There are a few things to remember about summertime grooming for dogs. Strange mentioned that chlorine in swimming pools can dry out dogs’ skin, so make sure your dog gets a bath and a brush out after swimming to protect them. Especially if you have any type of Doodle dog, as their hair can mat really fast because of their kinky hair. If hair is matted for too long, it gets tighter and tighter on their skin and then it hurts when they walk (just like someone yanking on your ponytail!) If it gets too bad, their hair may need a shave! Another thing that Strange mentioned was letting your groomer know if your dog has a double coat. Double coats are their to keep dogs warm in the summer and cool in the winter; therefore, the full double coat should never be shaved. And, even if your dog already has short hair, make sure that you don’t get their hair cut too short. Their hair protects them from the sun, so it needs to be long enough to provide coverage. Strange said that as long as their hair isn’t so short that you see the pink of their skin through, they will be fine.

Depending on the breed of your dog, Strange recommends getting your dog brushed and groomed every 4 to 6 weeks to keep him or her healthy and happy. Baths should be given about every 3 to 4 weeks to make sure they are clean, but that their skin doesn’t dry out. Taking care of your dog is important for his or her safety, well-being, and overall happiness, so make sure that dog grooming is part of your summer routine. With that being said, it’s okay to have some fun with the grooming styles and colors too!


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