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Best Place to Creep on Dogs During Your Lunch Break

By Tom Hayes
Spring 2018
Washington CityPaper

Best Place to Creep on Dogs During Your Lunch Break

In a world of allergies, small apartments, and domestic partners who prefer the moody standoffishness of cats, where can a person get a quick canine fix? Unfortunately, until technology progresses to the point that we can all become dogs ourselves—and receive nothing but ear skritches and tummy rubs after day-long naps—staring longingly through the glass at the happy pups frolicking at Doozydog! Club will have to suffice. Even if you don’t have a dog who needs supervision in a stimulating environment, there are (currently) no rules against spending your human lunch break regarding their joie de vivre through the floor-to-ceiling windows at 14th Street NW and Florida Avenue NW. Sure, you can’t interact with the dogs in any way besides projecting a visceral jealousy of their constant happiness, but just gazing upon their complex social interactions like the transition between self-hygiene and licking another dog in the face will make you wonder if dogs really do have it all figured out. For the forlorn person looking for a lunch place to eat a fast-casual cardboard bowl of pan-continental fusion cuisine with extra avocados before returning to work, the benches in the vicinity of the windows make an excellent place to doggo-gaze before the break ends and your doglessness begins anew.


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