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Citydog! Club is the Home Away from Home for Your Dogs This Summer

June 18, 2019
Addison Magazine
By Sydni Ellis

Dogs in Citydog! Club play park

Sandy beaches and strong drinks with tiny umbrellas are calling your name – it’s officially summer travel season! But before your flights are booked, bags are packed and vacation mode official sets in, there’s one very important thing you have to take care of first: lodging for your beloved furry friend!

This summer, whether you are going out of town or just spend a lot of time outside of home, take your dog to Citydog! Club in Addison. This puppy paradise will by the home away from home for your dog, perfect for a few hours or a few weeks.

“Summer is a great time for human vacations, so it’s also a great time to bring your dog to Citydog!” said Maggie Russell, regional manager for Citydog! Club. “While you’re traveling, your dog will be enjoying a vacation at Citydog! Club. We separate by size and temperate, offer daily walks outside, and let them rest inside our climate-controlled facility. They will be cool, comfortable and enjoy fresh filtered water before they go home.”

Citydog! Club also has a fun indoor Play Park. Think of this as an indoor playground, designed especially for dogs. There are trampolines, bridges, fake fire hydrants and more to keep your dogs entertained all day. Afterward, they can nap while relaxing music plays and get groomed inside the Style Bar.

Dogs will enjoy the best spa experience imaginable in their state-of-the-art Style Bar, which will help dogs look and act their best. Choose from Bath and Brush or Trim and Style. Each grooming experience includes an invigorating massage with HydroSurge, which utilizes exclusive InjectAir technology. It works like this: the Hydrosurge tub produces water with oxygen and shampoo, which works to penetrate the dog’s coat and bring oxygen to the skin, leaving dogs cleaner and healthier. Afterwards, a heat-free hand blowout and brush makes their fur look ultra shiny!

The Trim and Style option is basically the Bath and Brush, except the dogs are also given a haircut. For an additional fee, you can also add the Best in Show service, which includes a blueberry facial, paw balm and toothbrushing to make your puppy smell delicious.

Both grooming options also include nail trimming, ear hair removal, gland express, spritz, and a complimentary Citydog! Club bandana and organic treat. And don’t panic if your dog has fleas – Citydog! offers a special safe and effective flea shampoo as well.

Russell recommends the Bath and Brush for double-coated dogs like huskies, shepherds or retrievers. On the other hand, the Trim and Style option is better for poodles, Shiatzus, and other single-coat dogs, where their hair can be cut to your taste or the breed standard. Of course, if you don’t know what kind of dog you have, the experts at Citydog! will help you.

“Grooming is important, especially in the summertime, because dogs need to get their undercoats removed,” said Russell. “Their coat helps to cool and warm them. Their undercoats keep them warm in winter, and they shed them in the summer; so, we are just helping them with that process. Other types of dogs can be shaved down to stay cool.”

Even if you aren’t going on vacation all summer (wouldn’t that be nice?), you can still bring your dog to Citydog! Club every day for doggy day care. Instead of leaving them outside all day while you’re at work – doing this in the hot Texas summers is not recommended – or keeping them in a crate inside all day, let them have fun and be pampered.

Still unsure about bringing Spot to Citydog! Club? Don’t worry – you can watch him or her online via webcam. Simply log in and watch your little cutie play, eat and relax. Other features: a toy park designed for mini dogs, a shop filled with dog treats, gifts and more, and the H Lounge, where humans can chill with WiFi, music and entertainment while dogs play or are groomed.

There are just a few rules to keep in mind: all dogs participating in the Play Park must have a quick release collar and I.D. tag, they must be flea-free (if not, they will get a flea-bath at owner’s expense), and they must have their rabies certificate, vaccine certificate for DHPP, Bordetella certificate and spay/neuter certificate if they are six months and older.

“At daycare at Citydog!, your dog will get to play in an open Play Park where they will be stimulated and socialized,” said Russell. “They will always be with a human to make them feel loved and always be in a safe, sound environment. We would love your four-legged family members to come join our pack and be surrounded by good humans.”

Going on a vacation or to the office will be even easier this summer, knowing that your best friend is being taken care of so nicely. Anyone can put a dog in a kennel, but Citydog! treats your pet like family – just like you do.


MTFL - Make Them Feel Loved!
Keep them safe and sound.
Provide a sparkling clean Club.
Surround them with good humans.
More wiggle in the wag!

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