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Doozydog! Club and Citydog! Club are both operated by Citydog! Club, LLC.

“My Oogie loves this place. The staff is so friendly and although they don't see him daily, and he is one of MANY Black Labradors - they never forget his name and treat him like he is their own! I am so thankful as it makes me feel comfortable on my vacations to leave him here and he will feel loved and cared for.” — Carlotta K.

“My husband and I were in the city and wanted to see the Smithsonian. They took care of our Sadie for the day. We requested a bath as well. The staff was so wonderful to us and Sadie. When we picked her up she was clean and happy. I recommend them to anyone visiting the city. What a wonderful experience. Thank you!” — Pam B.

“We have been using them since they opened their DC location. The time has come where we must let our much loved girl depart for the great eternal dog park. We brought her in for one last grooming yesterday. When we returned to pick her up, we were given a goodbye card signed by all the staff. It was the sweetest, most touching thing we've experienced throughout this difficult time, and is entirely consistent with our experience from day one. It's hard to express how wonderful their staff have been to our dog over the years. When the time comes, our next dog will spend a lot of time at there! Thank you all for the incredible care and love you've shown!” — Rick H.

“Amber is the best dog groomer ever! Henley always comes home happy and looking great. Thank you for taking good care of Amber – She’s is a keeper! Henley will only be groomed by her. Thank you again for having the best dog groomer in town... especially for standard poodles.” — CM

“I drive over 75 miles to have Richard groomed. You guys are the best!!! I have had other groomers and they were awful! The first thing they tell me is he needs to be shaved. You wonderful people never complain and always do an exceptional job. I can't thank you enough. I also want to mention that the staff is amazing and everything is so clean and fresh. I feel at ease leaving him here as I know he will be so well taken care of. Thank you again.” — Lori L.

“Steve did a wonderful job grooming my Mini Schnauzer Lacie this afternoon. Such great customer service from everyone that works there and the shop is so fresh and clean. I haven't used the dog park part of the location but would highly recommend the grooming department. Thanks for providing such a pleasant experience for my dog that gets nervous when she hears she has to go to the groomer!” — Lynn K.

“I am beyond grateful to the staff at Citydog! Club in Addison. I was out of town for the holidays for 11 days and left my dog in their care. This would be his first time in boarding. My dog is a 130 pound German Shepard/Husky mix and can be extremely challenging. They worked with him to make him comfortable and happy. Bryan not only took the time to figure out how to make adaptations to convince my stubborn, spoiled boy to eat; he took the time to call me to assure me that my dog was eating and coping well. He made my vacation, and allowed me to relax knowing that my furry family member was in great hands. In addition, the facility is spotless. If you did not actually see the dogs, you would not know they were there based on smell or fur sightings. I would recommend this location to anyone that needed a quality boarding or daycare location. Special thank you to Bryan for his care and love of my boy. This is a rock star team!” — Angela S.

“The Addison, Texas, Citydog! Club location is AMAZING. From the moment our two Dobermans enter the building, they are welcomed and loved as if they are family. Both Peter and Twist love everyone at this spotless location (it is always spotless, bright, and inviting for dogs and their humans). As soon as we get close enough to the building, both dogs start to whine because they want to get inside and play! Our boy, Peter, has several special needs. There is not one moment that passes where the amazing staff does not cater to him. They give medications on schedule, understand the special feeding instructions with Dobermans (to avoid bloat), and can handle a seizure dog with cancer. They are calm when I am not, so they can handle both the dogs and their humans! There is never a moment of unsupervised time – even boarded animals have a human there 24/7. That is pivotal when deciding to leave any dog in a boarding facility. They individualize the care for each dog. However, they do not miss a beat with all other dogs in their care! I have no idea how they manage to make every dog feel happy and loved, but they do. I have watched on many occasions, shown up unannounced, and the dogs are happy and playful. The staff is engaged with their charges, and each dog is safe. They keep a watchful eye on every dog – employees are involved 100%, and they look happy at work! The staff easily transitions dogs between play parks depending on activity level, napping schedule, and personalities. Our female Doberman, Twist, absolutely loves to play with every dog there! We could not survive without Alicia and her amazing staff have been pivotal to the care of our two Dobermans. We truly love this place, and cannot say enough positive and encouraging statements about it. As a crazy dog mom, I have researched several places in the Dallas area, and Citydog! Club is truly a step above the dog day care facilities and boarding kennels in the area. Citydog! Club is the best!” — J. Allen

“We LOVE Citydog! Club so much. We started in LA and had amazing care and service! The staff was kind & friendly. Exceptional! We have moved to Seattle and when we found out they have 2 locations in Seattle we felt so fortunate! Now our dog has more great Citydog! service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — E. Salazar

“Careful, quick and kind – That is y'all. Dogs look good and I appreciate how careful you are with them. My neighbor has just started bringing Wally the Westie to you. I brag on y'all all the time.” — Pam

“Each and every person at Citydog! treats our dogs with the utmost respect. Each staff member gets to know your dogs on a personal level and cares so much about every dog and their owners. This is a greatly run place/business.” — Sean.

“All of Citydog! Club people are so caring, not just for pets, but for owners as well. I am so happy to have Tim groom the dogs and have everyone else take care of them. My dogs are 12 and 12.5 years and are starting to have some aging issues, so it is a comfort to know your people take good care with them. Thank you!” — S. Reed

“Jelli was in for a short play date and grooming last week. I wanted to let you and the groomer (I’m sorry that I forgot her name!) know that this is one of the best haircuts she’s ever gotten! This is the third time we’ve had her groomed at Citydog! and we have been pleased every time. I am always impressed by the facility and wonderful staff. Jelli seriously cannot get out of the car and into Citydog! fast enough. She must love it too!” — C. Brown

“I am so happy with Beasley's haircut. I didn't catch the groomers but please pass along my thanks and overall appreciation for the amazing job she did! His haircut is so well balanced across his body in terms of length and so adorably cute! This was my first visit to your grooming department and certainly not the last. This is hands down the best grooming service I have yet to recover for Beasley. Thank you!!” — P. Patel

“I'm so impressed with the treatment my dog Butch and I received. I recently adopted Butch, who is a 2 year old Chihuahua. Butch was severely abused and is fearful of people, new environments and being separated from me. I desperately needed daycare and brought Butch in twice for a Meet & Greet. Kaira went above and beyond to accommodate us. Both Kaira and Lydia were exceptionally patient with Butch, who acclimated to daycare. They really appear to love animals.” Thank you, — M.G. & Butch

“Koda & Max (schnauzer mix & boxer) report they had a GREAT time at their separate meet-n-greet sessions. We enjoyed the tour and meeting the staff, led by Elena, Haley and Diana. We appreciate the amenities, positive attitude and caring by the staff and the new friends our furry kids made at Citydog! Club - Ballard.” — Mahalo & Aloha, Ron & Melinda

“Your Addison, TX team went above and beyond my expectations last night. I am Summer's mom. I dropped her off yesterday morning, and went to the airport to fly to a meeting. With all the bad weather, my flight was delayed coming home to DFW. I finally got in my car at 8:20 to pick up Summer, at your location before 9pm. As you know, the 635 traffic fairies had a different travel time ETA than I expected. The 635 was shut down to one lane, and then TXDOT closed the Marsh exit. I picked up my phone to let your team know I might be a few minutes late. Jennie answered my call and said she would wait for me to pick up Summer. I did get to your location a few minutes before 9, but I had a piece of mind that I did not have to drive like a crazy woman to get my dog. I was very thankful on how accommodating Jennie was and she is reflective of your whole team. I wanted to thank Jennie again, for being as sweet as she could be and the rest of your team is awesome too. Thank you again for treating Summer as one of your family members and for working with me. Your team is a 10. Thank you again.” — Doreen M.

“We absolutely love Citydog! Club in Dallas! Our rescue dog Rhody came to the club a shy girl, unsocial and anxious - but after some time spent there she has really come out of her shell! Her confidence is noticeable and she totally LOVES going to play and see her friends! She has improved behavior and social development and we are thrilled with her progress. The staff is fantastic, everyone is so patient and kind with her... They are wonderful and sweet, she really trusts them and we are so grateful for them. We have utilized all of their services over the last six months - from boarding to grooming, they're great with everything. Between the clean facility and the staff being so loving, there's no place we'd feel more comfortable with her being at when we're not home.” — Christina

“I just want to thank the staff at Citydog! Club West LA, especially Brittany, for taking such amazing care of MAX AND MYNDEE, whenever we are out of town. Max and Myndee are our children and we wouldn't think of letting just anyone watch our kids. While on our most recent trip, Brittany was kind enough to email a picture of the two of them sitting together... that gave me peace of mind like no other (and made me want to come home sooner 'cuz I missed my babies). I wouldn't think of allowing our kids to be watched by any other group or person. I know that when they are at Citydog! Club West LA, they are in the best of hands and thank each staff member tremendously for being so AMAZING! Thank you!” — Lyndsey H.

“My Puggle KC, LOVES Citydog. Granted, she loves all social places: walks downtown, off-leash areas, busrides, and anywhere she is among people & dogs, but she will start howling her beagle-y howl and wiggling a block away from Citydog, and she has only been there for a boarding weekend and a few daycare stays, in her 9mos of life. She loves the people and the dogs, and that is amazing, I never thought I'd be a doggie daycare kind of dog owner, but Citydog has made it so!” — Michelle O.

“ABSOLUTELY a great place. I dont know HOW on earth the staff know all the dogs, all their nuances, and whose leash is whose, but the staff is ON IT. They're also really friendly, and accommodating, and it's clear that everyone is having fun. I peeked in yesterday to see how my dogs were doing and caught sight of one of the handlers giving special strokes and talking gently to my older dog. That moment reassured me that I was leaving my pups at a really good place, and in really good hands. Thanks CITYDOG!” — Amanda K.

“My dog Abby LOVES Citydog, or Daycare as we call it. She is always super excited to go spend the day there and always comes home happy. The facility is always clean and smells super good. Everyone who works there is friendly and helpful. When we walk in the door in the morning, whoever is working always recognizes Abby and is happy to see her! I feel comfortable leaving Abby knowing she is being taken care of and getting lots of love. We have tried other daycares in Seattle and no one compares to Citydog. I will be bring Abby here for many years to come. Thank you for taking such good care of Abby!” — Samantha E.

“I want to thank you for taking care of our 2 sweet dogs, Max and Sophie. They had the best time and they were in such relaxing moods. They have been in really good moods since they spent the week with you folks. I know they are missing the other dogs that they were playing with—I think Sophie had a male dog that she was playing with that she liked and Max really liked everyone. Thanks again and we will be in touch the next time we need to board them. Thanks! ” — Sophie and Max's Mom & Dad

“Frida LOVES 'Dog Club' as we call it! Whenever I ask her if she wants to go, she runs around barking in excitement until it's time to walk over! The folks at Seattle CityDog are the best! They always say 'Hi Frida!' when we arrive. Frida is a shy dog, who had a rough couple years before I rescued her. She is often weary of people and very attached to me but the folks at CityDog have done GREAT with her! I seriously can't speak highly enough of them. Frida and I LOVE it there!” — Rachel E. - Frida too!

“I am here in Seattle on business and have been since April, 2014. I have tried one doggie day care, which will remain nameless, and absolutely NO ONE can compare to the care CityDog provides my Toy Yorkie. The entire staff is ALWAYS, ALWAYS friendly, passionate, and caring. When I had my Toy Yorkie at the 'other daycare' he was always covered with 'other dog hair' and often smelled a tad bit different each time I picked him up at the end of the day. Not to mention I was always charged an extra $$$ amount just to have them verbally say 'Lunch Time'. CityDog, and the entire staff are AWESOME! If I call, they always pick my Toy Yorkie up, place him in front of the camera just so I can say 'hi' to him. (Yes, I am one of those parents). Needless to say, when my business trip ends, I will truly miss CityDog and the entire staff! To everyone at Citydog, 'congratulations on being the best in my eyes. You ALL are soooo wonderful.' Thank you again for providing such good care to my baby.” — Sincerely, J.D.

“I brought my service dog to the Seattle location for grooming last week. Hayden is nearly 10 and has had many grooming experiences in the past, but I have to say, this felt the most positive, for both of us! At 76 pounds, he's a large dog and with his age, I worry about him having to load and unload on tables, in tubs, etc…When I came to get him, he was happy and looked great! They had treated him with the care I would and left a message for me stating what a sweetie he is. I appreciate that they enjoyed my big boy and with their price being a little cheaper than the place I used to go to, I will be back!” — Michelle & Hayden

“Love Citydog! So does my pup. As soon as we go downstairs she runs to the club. They keep it nice and clean. The staff is so friendly and they are very informative about dogs. Great place to take your pup if you want them to burn some energy and come home smelling great!” — Amanda

“Thank you Citydog! Club for taking such excellent care of my precious little ‘Bentley.’ My Cavalier King Charles puppy does not like it when I drop him off, but whenever I pick him up after one of my trips oversees, Bentley always comes home happy! Surely it must be all the tender loving care he receives while I am gone. Once more, thank you for taking such excellent care of him. I feel very confident leaving him in your care.” — Helma Christiane B. & Bentley

“Hello Citydog! Staff, I just want to say thank you for Zeus's first visit. I have not been able to get him to sleep after work since FOREVER. After only 4 hours of hanging out with you all, he has been laid out napping all evening. He will definitely be coming back for seconds :D. Wasn't sure you all could tackle his energy but looks like you all did a great job!!” — Thanks, Roderick & Zeus {whispering}

“I am one very happy customer of Citydog! My Coton de Tulear, Joey Bear, comes home from playing at Citydog! Club completely pooped which lets me know he's had a great day. I am so happy with the staff as well with a special nod to Rocco & Jamee. Rocco is very personable & makes us feel very confident that my little boy will be very well taken care of and Jamee is Queen of the Grooming! She does an exceptional job with my little fur ball and I could not be happier. So happy that I've posted two 5 Star reviews on Yelp! (one for grooming and one for their Play Park) When mom has got to be away – Citydog! Club saves our day!” — Lorie M.

“Hello My City Dog Friends - Just a quick note to say that Bentley had yet another fantastic time with everyone. Thank you for the extra hugs and cuddles he receives, for the walks and for the wonderful styling today…Super Job! After four days in your sleep over camp, when I picked him up today, he looked content, relaxed and like the little "King" he is. Again, thank you for taking such good care of my precious little boy, and while away, it was great fun for me to watch him on the web cam. It's wonderful to be able to go away but yet still feel in touch by being able to see how our pups are doing. Your exceptional and friendly service makes all the difference in the world! I can't say it often enough - Truly - Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Warmly, Helma Christiane B., Bentley's Mom

“Citydog! Club is the most fabulous place…I would not trust my Shiba, Inuk to be anywhere else. The caretakers are wonderful and the Club is always sparkling and clean. The dogs are always are happy and it was a great way to socialize our dogs, as Inuk is going to be 13 and is a mommy's boy and Falco is a large German Shep pup, the caretakers do an amazing job at working with all the furry friends and family members, big or small.” — Inuk Shea S.

“Just wanted to thank you all for providing a wonderful environment for my Mortimer to play in! I know he loves his visits - we just got back home, he ate his dinner, and he's now passed out on the couch tuckered out from his afternoon play session. Not even opening the jar of peanut butter would get him to lift his head, he's so pooped out! You are all wonderful - thank you all so so much, I don't know what Mortimer or I would do without CityDog!” — Claire W.

“My crazy Labradoodle, Ziggy, almost knocks me to the ground every time we walking towards the door at Citydog - he just can't wait to play with all his terrific friends, both human and furry! The facility is spotless and beautiful. The staff is so friendly and professional. The grooming, the best in the City. The whole experience is inviting, fun and friendly. Kudos to everyone at Citydog for making my pooch one happy boy!!” — Marcia W.

“A tail-wagging thank you from Lucy and Zola for a fun-packed winter vacation at Citydog! Club - Culver City. Something magical must have happened, because they are getting along with each other better than ever. What spell did you cast?” — Andrea and Doug… Zola and Lucy

“Made a visit to Citydog! and what a beautiful, clean, well-cared for place. Your pets are in good hands here. I was very impressed!” — Deborah F.

“I have Sooo enjoyed watching my brownie on the dog cam. Thank u for taking great care of my baby.” — Christina W.

“Picked up Rocco and Daphne today and they are pooped from having an AMAZING time at the Club for 5 days :) I even think Rocco lost a few pounds from all his fun! Thank you for taking such great care of my kids XO.” — Renee S.

“Angel and Jeter loved The Play Park at The City Dog Club today!! He can’t wait untill tomorrow!! Xoxo”  — Gina B.

“My dogs LOVE your special cookies. And I feel good about training them with healthy treats!” — Melody M.

“City Dog is by far, THE BEST!!!!!!!! I love my dogs, they are my family and I wouldn't allow  just anyone to groom them. The facility is so nice and clean, all of the staff is professional. They make you feel that  when you leave your pets with them, that they truly will take care of them and love them.” — Chassity A.

“I strongly recommend the team at Citydog Club to take care of your fury kid, and am already booking future stays as well as looking at their Day Care options.” — Andy H.

“The facility is extremely clean and bright. The staff are all friendly, helpful, attentive and super nice to my dogs. My dogs actually pull me into the building, which has never happened before.   I also really appreciate that as an owner I am able walk in at any time of the day (during business hours) and check on my dogs and watch them play.”   — M.O.

“He absolutely loves it and that means a lot to me. It's reasonably priced, clean and a gorgeous facility.The staff clearly love what they do and the groomer does an excellent job.” — Laraine N.

“This place is an absolute must.  If you are a crazy dog owner like I am then book an appointment.” — Tatiana S.


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